Australia Day at Bohemian Lofts Backpackers!

We love having get togethers and fun events for our guests at Bohemian Lofts Backpackers, so whilst we might not be in Australia, we didn’t see a reason to pass up an opourtunity for some fun!!  As luck would have it, I was having a friend down from Australia, arriving on 26 January, Australia Day!  She was kind enough to bring some Vegemite with her, a firm Australian favourite!  So with the help of my friend Bel, we made lamingtons, Vegemite on toast and fairy bread, which is bread with butter and, as we call them, ‘hundreds and thousands’.  The crowds were a little slow to trickle in, but once everyone heard the goings-on from the kitchen, they came to check it out and ended up staying.  We enjoyed the treats and some good conversation, and afterwards we headed down to one of the local restaurants called Trench Town.  We left the treats on the table and when we came back, they were all gone!!

We all had a really good evening and I think celebrating Australia Day will definately become a tradition at Bohemian Lofts Backpackers!

Yummy Australian Treats!


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