Diary entry from Turkey

Brief history.. In 2009, I au paired for a family that had a 48ft yacht inTurkey. The marina had upgraded resulting in an increase in levies. This brought about my trip abroad.

My personal diary entry on the 7th of November 2009:

Double days catch up. Yesterday we woke up really early to take photos of a small bay Ekincik nicknamed ‘My Marina’ before setting out on a guided tour in a charter boat. While taking photo’s of our beautiful surroundings, we had a not so beautiful poser flexing his muscles on the jetty before his morning swim.

The men inTurkey are unreal; they do anything to impress foreign women with blond hair, blue eyes and an above average figure…

This goes for babies with blond hair and blue eyes too. Sean (the baby I was looking after) is still a biggest highlight and boy did he have a paparazzi episode this morning. So many people took photos of him this morning again.

Thank goodness the charter boat arrived before the paparazzi got out of control.

Overcast but pleasant we set out for our days adventure. Our first stop was this hole in this rock called Cleopatra Cove that we could swim through. Legend had it that you’ll be married within in the year of swimming through (still not married – phew!).

We then continued along the coast until we arrived at an estuary that would then take us upstream through Dalyan. The estuary was famous for turtles laying eggs along the beaches. Further up river we passed ancient ruins of roman origin and tombs carved in mountains once made for Kings. The smaller ‘holes’ below the kings tombs were for the children of the royal family that died of malaria.

Our end destination was a sulfur mud bath. The mud was so slimy and the sulfur bath stank like rotten eggs. Kicking myself for not doing it properly (was only partially covered in mud).

We then headed back to Ray of Light (the yacht) and sailed till 10pm where we ended up in another small bay. Was slightly sea sick and exhausted because the previous night I slept on the deck.

Today everyone slept in late excluding me and Sean. We sailed the whole day. I took the helm for 30 seconds and nearly stuffed up big time. Never want to be left at that again. We had two bites on the hooks and caught one very beautiful male bull Dorado.

We now anchored in another small bay, Bozuk Buku, for the night.

Swimming out of Cleopatra Cove

An old Church (Sean and I)

Tombs carved in the mountain for Kings

Enjoying the sulfur bath after our mud bath.

Male Bull Dorado being reeled in

Early morning boat cruise for Sean 🙂

~ written by Kaitlyn Rogers